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The poverty Gourmet: Dessert– Texas Apple Pie

Remember the notion of a pie?

The classic “Dennis The Menace” pie cooling on the window, the “We Help Mommy” pie that Martha and Bobby helped prepare for Daddy, the perfectly good pie smashed into the face of a comic villain?

I was not thinking of those little cultural gems today when I threw together the beauty below. Rather, I was thinking about the sack of half-bad apples that i bought at the farmers market last Sunday for less than a dollar, and the half- cup  of brown sugar that was languishing in the kitchen cupboard, the fact that we magically still had (whole wheat) flour left, even after my recent sourdough-making bonanza, and my insatiable sweet tooth.

The whole thing probably cost around $2 to make. OMG dessert for, like, two whole days!

yee haw

yes, that really is the state of texas in the middle

Here is how I did it:

(note: an even cheaper, “dinner pie” version of this recipe can be made but cutting the sugar in the apple mixture and by eliminating it in the crust)

1. Get 6-or-so elderly apples. Skin and thinly slice them.

2. Put the apple slices, a few squirts of lemon juice, some shakes of cinnamon, a squirt of vanilla, and maybe 1/4 cup of brown sugar in a covered sauce pan and simmer on low. Stir occasionally, and watch as your crisp fruits wither into syrupy cinnamon-y goodness. Try not to eat too much of it before it reaches the pie. By the way, those recipes that  call for the addition of butter or cornstarch– B.S. The apples and sugar make their own syrupy glop.

3. while the apples are cooking, put maybe 2 cups of flour, a few teaspoons of sugar, some cinnamon,  a couple small chunks of margarine, and a splash of oil (hey, it’s all about economy here!) into a mixing bowl (if you are feeling rich, add more sugar and more oil). Mix it with your hands ’til it’s crumbly, and then add water until it resembles pie crust dough.

4. split the dough in half and make the crust-bottom with one part, and the crust top with the other. I bake mine before putting the filling in. Some people do not. Be sure to choose excellent shapes for the top. I chose Texas and circles and rings. After Assembling the pie, sprinkle some more of the brown sugar on top. It will crystallize and you can feel all decadent.

5. Photograph, let cool, and eat.


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