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January is the month of Fun-A-Day, a multi-city and multi-person endeavor to do one thing (usually creative: a craft project, photo, mixtape, etc) for each day of the month, and to then present it all in a gallery afterward. It’s totally un-pretentious for a Bay Area art event. You can check out the site here.

Last year my Fun-A-Day project was a set of film-camera photos of things that I was kind of obsessed with, like fire escapes, animals in architecture, free food, desserts. Cryptic, quirky stuff. It was one of the less-genius projects in the gallery (after all, most of the photo people had nice digital cameras (so they could multiple shots– not just one, like me) and/or were better photographers (easy to do!). Regardless of the mundane nature of my project, the media nevertheless found me, and there is a 2009 Chronicle article out there that features my name next to a bunch of mis-quotes, someone else’s art, and things that I never came close to saying.  Awesome, huh?

This year I have the fancy digital camera that I lacked last year. I also have also devised a subject that will either get me tons of praise– or banned from the show. This is my Fun-A-Day from last night in Japan Town:

Each day I take “Goldy” to a different location in the city and photograph it. Today’s photo was taken in front of a very different popular tourist trap in the City. Half of the point of the project is the simple absurdity of a golden cock next to a popular place in the City. The other half is having to lug the thing (and my camera and lenses) to different spots, and somehow design a scene and take a photograph without attracting too much attention.


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