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camera bag

Film developing was always a splurge.

At $9 a roll, it was something that I had to carefully spend around, given my half-time job and San Francisco rent.

The drug stores and supermarket chains never did the color right, so I tended to avoid them, despite their more attractive prices.

Then last of my favorite photo developing chain finally closed.

I tried a new fancy place down in SOMA, but the guy was a dick. Furthermore, I paid $14 for 24 single, poorly developed photographs.

So just before January, I finally clawed my way into the new millennium and charged myself a digital camera.

But how does one carry a $500 piece of hardware when they live in the heart of the city and they don’t want to get mistaken for a yuppie?!?

I would buy one of those fancy camera bags, but I really don’t need the people in the neighborhood knowing that I have an excellently muggable device. Let alone a sort of bouge-y fondness of taking pictures. Furthermore, most camera bags are dorky and they cost too much.

So I decided to make one.

After a few weeks of casual plotting, I realized that I had:

1. a smallish messenger bag that I rarely use

2. a leopard print polar fleece pajama top

3. extra padding that came with my past two bicycle helmets


1, 2

I made a liner sack out of the pajama top, sewed some padding onto the back wall of it, and more into a little pillow for the bottom of the bag. The idea was to put protective padding where the camera would most likely meet impacts.


Final pictures coming soon.

I took the bag out today.

My camera remained unscathed despite a lengthy bike ride. I maintained my broke-ass aesthetic and didn’t get bothered.


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