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Photo of the Day

sun and two birds

I am shifting gears.

I bought a copy of Learning To Love You More (ISBN 978-3-7913-3733-3) , the book-version of the collaborative public participation project (the archives of which can be found here) by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher. Totally  g.e.n.i.u.s. in its conceptual simplicity and warm-blooded-ness and resulting awe factor.

I began this blog a long time ago, with the intention of it being a DIY blog, with crafts, recipes, and reports of my free and cheap city excursions. The thing is, with a full work and school schedule, I started to get distracted, and though  things like crafts and cooking and excursions were still happening–  I was spending so much time on the computer for academic reasons, that I could hardly stand to be near it in my free time.

But one of the projects in Learning To Love You More was to take a picture of the sun. Not a fancy picture, just a picture.Thing is, most pictures of the sun– one of the most dependable and forgettable fixtures in our lives– turn out to be totally brilliant.So here’s to carving out little bits of everyday awesomeness.


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