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nothing new?

I have bought some really nice, new clothes lately. I bought a summery jacket and a cotton crew neck sweater (on sale) through mail order. I ordered over $20 of socks from an online sock store that was having a super-sale. I bought a hat on a sunny day when I was far from home. I bought fuzzy arm warmers on Etsy, as well as a screen-printed cotton cardigan. This is all within the past few months.

I have also been making some major thrift scores:cardigans, jackets, t-shirts (both for wearing and for scrapping into underwear), button-up “work” shirts, and that $150 pair of designer jeans that I got in my size for $8 at Thrift Town.

I’ve also been keeping my eye even closer-trained to the curb. I found a great condition zip-up sweater hoodie in my size and color abandoned in the grass at the Marina. I found a marc jacobs knit scarf (in my style and color– yes, I sometimes secretly admire labels– this is not something that I am super proud of) in a free box a few days ago. A recent evening walk through my neighborhood produced a good-looking black track jacket in our size, a button-down shirt, and a multi-colored dress that will be crafted into something else. I have also found a blazer and  a pile of hot pants on other days. And this is only the stuff that I can and will use. I leave everything else behind for the next finder.

The sidewalk finds bring the same elation (though not anticipation, as they happen on instant) as buying new things by mail.

More than half-way through the year, I find myself wanting to make some kind of proposal. I have yet to settle on one. My first idea was to go a year only wearing things that I had found on the street (after all, very poor people do this every day), modifying garments as I needed, to fit my style.

Another is to buy nothing new (I have done this before, out of financial necessity), only thrift and gutter.

Another is to buy nothing, continue finding treasures on the street, and simply alter my existing clothing as I get sick of it.

There is a lot to consider– and more to come.



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