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Fun-A-Day 2012- January 1

For the past few years,I have been participating in Fun-A-day, which is a really fun project where you choose a certain thing to do for every day of January, document it, and then participate in a group art show to share what you did. Last year (as shown earlier on this blog), I modified or sewed a piece of clothing every day. It actually pretty awesome (though strenuous once the school semester started) because I was able to mend everything in my closet that possibly needed mending (especially the dreaded pile of garments that I had been saying I’d eventually get around to for months). Other sample projects include writing a song a day, painting a picture a day, or making a film a day.

My projects have previously always been artistic. But that’s going to change this year. I present my 2012 Fun A Day project:


I have been working a second job and selling books online, so I have a small pad of cash that I have not had in previous Januaries. I put aside thirty-one dollars, and will be purchasing one $1 lottery-type ticket per day, and chronicling my experience. This is pretty out of character for me. In my ten years of being legal, I’ve generally been pretty oblivious to the lottery, and have bought maybe a  handful of tickets (when the prize was really big, in the hundreds of millions), and the rare “scratcher” ticket when the whimsy struck.


Today I began my Fun A Day project at the Van Ness & Vallejo Market. The employees were really nice and wished me luck. It didn’t work, but at least I got to enjoy some lingering holiday cheer.


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