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January 7 2012- Gamble-A-Day, continued

I was riding my bike through the Mission and came to a hasty stop when I saw the sign-free, windowless establishment that is known as the All Season Market. I felt inexplicably drawn to it. I went inside and chose one of the few $1 scratchers that I hadn’t seen yet, the “Ea$Y GRAND.” I did not win a grand, but the strange pull had a reason– I won a free ticket! And the proprietor of this market didn’t even wish me good luck! Amazing!


I mentioned in a previous post that I was starting to feel a little bit weird about buying all of these lottery tickets.  On the upside, the CA Lottery allegedly gives quite a bit of money to local schools. It even says so on the back of their tickets. I decided to investigate a bit on their website.  Their stats are somewhat out of date, but here’s how much they’ve given to some of the schools/districts in San Francisco.  The Lottery site claims that individual school districts get to choose how they use their lottery money. However, they additionally offer the bizarre stat that 63% of Lottery funds are used in California’s public schools to attract and retain teachers. I would be curious to know what that entails.


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