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Fun a day, Day 10

As a brief recap for those who are just finding my blog:

For the past few years,I have been participating in Fun-A-day, which is a really fun project where you choose a certain thing to do for every day of January, document it, and then participate in a group art show to share what you did. Last year (as shown earlier on this blog), I modified or sewed a piece of clothing every day. My projects have previously always been artistic. This year, however, I am putting a creepy capitalist spin (that’s also a bit of a psychological experiment on myself): Gamble A Day! 

I am a mere third of the way through the month, and my gamble-a-day project has started to feel like it’s in the realm of an addiction or bad relationship or something. I don’t want to buy more lottery tickets, but I have to in order to make everything work out ok!

Luckily, I won again. $3!  This gem was purchased amidst a sea of other lottery ticket buyers this evening at the California Tobacco Center.


Coming soon: an analysis of how much I’ve spent and how much I’ve won and lost.


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