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Fun a Day, day 16.

I have reached day 16 of my “gamble a day” Fun a Day project, and am still going fairly strong. I have yet to miss a day– but I can say that the daily acquisition of a lottery ticket/scratcher has become a bit of a chore!

Today I purchased a ticket at Van Ness Liquors, and did not win.

It is January 16th. So Far, I have spent $17 on scratcher and lottery tickets (January 5th’s scratcher was fancy and cost $2).

Out of these tickets, I have won $7 and 2 tickets. So really, I have only lost about eight dollars so far.The back of the $1 scratcher tickets proclaim that the average person has a 1 in 4.71 chance of winning any prize at all. I have won a prize on 5 out of 16 days. I’m doing better than I should be!


I will cash in the “wins” at the end of the month.




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