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The Fun-A-Day January 2012 wrap-up!

The month is over, and I feel rather relieved that I will no longer have a daily frantic moment of searching for a dollar (or for a store that sells lotto) so that I can purchase a ticket and write up a blog entry before the day has ended.

So How much did I win? And how much did I lose?

here’s the rundown:

I spent $32 (day 5 was a $2 ticket).

I won 4 free tickets and a total of $11.

9 of the days yielded some kind of a prize.

The tickets that I most frequently purchased were:

Crazy Hearts (10 days)

Easy Grand (5 days)

Silver 7’s (3 days)

Triple Cash (3 days)

And That is the end of January 2012’s capitalism-cloaked Fun-A-Day experiment! Of course, in the coming days I will still need to cash in my winning tickets, trade in my “free ticket” tickets, and catch up on entering my losing tickets in on CA Lottery Replay!


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