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Book Review: Bottomless Bellybutton by Dash Shaw

The bottomless belly button
This graphic novel is one of the best books that I’ve read this year (I’ve read 81 so far).

Weighing in at over 3 pounds and consisting of over 700 pages, I’m still thinking about it even though I’m already onto reading something new. It’s mostly about relationships within a family. As the cover states, it’s not a kids’ book– it’ll be better understood by people who are old enough to have experienced heartbreak and seeing your parents get older and stuff.

The three adult children of the Looney family (and their kids/partners) are called out to visit their parents’ seaside home. Without warning, their parents announce that they are getting a divorce after 40 years of marriage. In the following pages, we see how each of them deal with it– as well as what happens to them for the week or so that they are there.

This book is really an amazing work. There’s lots of poignancy and mystery and edged-at emotion. It’s ridiculously compelling. Also, I don’t have a lot of experience describing comics– but Shaw has a really interesting style. The drawings are cartoony– but also really detailed; he does this neat thing of adding words to the images, which I at first thought was due to uncertainty about whether the reader could tell what was going on in the picture, but now i’m thinking that it adds weight to the circumstances covered.

read it.

find it here.


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