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Book Review: Third Girl From The Left

Third girl from the left

Third Girl From the Left – By Martha Southgate

This book was pretty great! In the 24-hour span that I read it, I found myself continually shunning actual responsibilities in favor of settling in with the book.

It is realistic fiction and tells the story of three generations of African-American women in Tulsa, LA, and New York. Though each of the women areĀ  quite different, they are tied together by a love of/connection to film (it’s really not as cheesy as I just made it sound, in any way). Through the course of the novel we read about relationships, playboy bunnies, the Tulsa race riots, film school, affairs, the early Blaxploitation film era, and more. It’s super engaging and well written!

My one critique (structurally speaking) is that one of the women’s stories had much more put into it than the others’, but this actually worked for me because I liked that character the best.

Find a copy here


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