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Book Review: The Age of Miracles

The age of miracles : a novel

The Age of Miracles felt simple and straightforward and  pleasurable to read after finishing I Love Dick on the same morning– I finished it in less than a day. But the thing is, it’s not a happy, sweet story. It’s kind of apocalyptic. The combination of the  somewhat distanced matter-of-factness and the really real (and touching) moments reminded me of How I live Now, which was also a coming-of-age apocalyptic-ish novel.

So picture a pre-teen suburban girl (Julia) who lives in a time (in our near future) where it  has just been discovered that the earth has slowed its spinning. Stuff starts changing: Days and nights get longer. Birds start crashing into the ground. Whales beach themselves. People start getting “sick” with dizziness and fainting. As a result, society completely changes. Don’t hold your breath for a happy ending– but do give this book a shot. You’ll be thinking about it for days afterward.



Find a Copy Here


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