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Book Review (kinda):Archie Meets Kiss

Archie meets Kiss

Activity: Ask a graduate student (or an ex grad student) about the weird “coping” obsession that they got while in the thick of their grad program. I guarantee you that almost all of them will have one. I’m talking about the *obsession* that they had no prior interest in, that’s most likely completely irrelevant to their current life, and that they would care less about if they’d chosen to do something reasonable instead of going to grad school.

Mine was Archie Comics. Though I remember merely feeling positive-neutral about the tiny Archie comic strips that were wrapped around stale pieces of Bazooka gum that I’d get at 7-11 when I was a kid, I could pretty much care less about the freckled strawberry blonde heart-thob and his cast of one-dimensional stereotypical pals.

Then grad school was about halfway done and I was suddenly scouring the library and comic store for everything Archie that I could find. I don’t know how the fuck it happened. But it happened. And then I graduated and pretty much forgot all about it.

Until I ran into ARCHIE MEETS KISS at work nearly a year later. My heart pooled up with a sick little nostalgia and  I immediately checked it out. On the cover, USA Today calls it “Wonderfully Bizarre.” I agree. It’s classic Archie fare, with the addition of, um, KISS (you know, the band). “WTF?!?” you ask? Obviously it was a result of Magic gone awry!  It ain’t genius, but it’s amusing enough. And I did like that tons of random characters from various eras were featured, like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Dilton the nerd, and Kevin Keller the first gay character from a couple years ago. It’s a fascinating co-marketing effort, to say the least!

Find a copy HERE


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