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Book Review: The Nao of Brown by Glyn Dillon

The Nao of Brown

This graphic novel is kind of gorgeously put together. It’s a good-sized heavy hardback with red page edges and the art inside (ink and watercolor i think) uses lots of reds and blacks. I really like the art. The whole tome is classy and significant-feeling.

So it’s about Nao who is somewhere in her 20’s and some stuff that happens in her life over the period of maybe a couple months. She’s got some sometimes- debilitating OCD (she has violent repetitive thoughts), a surprising love interest, a part time job, spiritual work, and art. It’s a substantial multi- layered story that even has a parallel not related (but actually kind of related) story woven in.I found Nao’s outfits, insecurities, and decorating to be relatable.

It’s only a few months old (came out in October 2012), and if it’s not already popular in the graphic novel realm, I imagine that it will be soon. It’ll be one of those books that Amazon recommends to you over and over again for years. The only thing that marred the awesomeness of the book for me was that it wasn’t autobiographical. It made me kind of uncomfortable that the male artist/author was writing about a female and her mental illness in such a personal way. It rubbed me as maybe a little exploitative; it felt like that element was there just for the sake of a good story.

But on the upside, it’s a totally good story. You should read it.

Find  copy HERE


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