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Book Review: Obsessive Consumption by Kate Bingaman -Burt

Obsessive consumption : what did you buy today?

I liked this little book. You should take a look at it. Kate drew (draws?) something she bought every single day, and the results have been put into a chunky little 200-page book with multiple items on each page. She includes normal purchases like burritos, cringe-y things like ant killer, a continuous stream of replacements for lost sunglasses, crappy things like credit card payments, and more. She’s onto something because it’s really amusing to read. You feel like you’re getting to know her even though you’re really not. Also, while the drawings have a casual look, they still have a ton of really good detail (and often a solid amount of whimsy and humor to them!)

There was a chunk of time when I was a teenager that I recorded every cent that I spent. It was a pretty neurotic thing to do then, and I think that it would be even more so now. A part of me that has been re-kindled by this book is tempted…

Find your nearest library copy HERE

Buy stuff from her Etsy page HERE


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