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Book Review: Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk


I was leaving for my lunch break (from my job at a library) and realized that I wanted something to read. I stepped into a fiction aisle, saw a row of brightly colored fiction books with a semi-familiar name on the spine, and grabbed one.

I grabbed Snuff, and the premise is kind of amazing: Porn performer superstar Cassie Wright is gonna set a new world record by having sex with 600 guys on camera for a single porno film. The book tells the story of just a few of the 600 guys who are waiting for their scene with her. And of course, some other details too.

There are some strengths to Snuff:

Thoroughly researched and super interesting background information about Old Hollywood actors

A seemingly endless supply of hilarious fictional porn movie titles (e.g. “World Whore 3,” and “Snow Falling on Peters”)

Meticulous and gruesome analogies that are kind of awesome too

Occasionally, there was a paragraph that I would read a few times just because it was so awesomely crafted

But while reading it, I consistently had a feeling that given the author’s talent, it could be more brilliant. The story relied pretty heavily on the absurdity of the given situation (you know, a room full of guys waiting to have sex with a famous porn star). But despite the poignant details about each guy’s (as well as Cassie’s and her assistant’s) lives, it wasn’t as dimensional as it could have been.

However, at less than 200 pages, it’s still a reasonable (albeit not life-changing) way to pass the time.

Also, it should be noted, for those who have already read the book: on the same day that I read the blow-up doll scene, I found a blow-up doll in the street,  with a condom still on its penis and partially deflated in a pile next to an abandoned shop vac.

Find a copy of Snuff here




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