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Book Review: Sophie Crumb: Evolution of a Crazy Artist

Sophie Crumb : evolution of a crazy artist

I am taking a drawing class at CCSF right now (something I’ve literally wanted to do for years, and was finally able to make the time for) , and am therefore on a bit of a drawing kick. OMG, I’m not super skilled at it, but drawing is awesome. I’ve always been a margin doodler and a cartoon scribbler, but I’m beginning to look at how “good” (i.e. legible and clear) drawings are put together for the first time. Lines, man! It’s an entire secret world.

I grabbed Sophie Crumb Evolution of a Crazy Artist from a shelf at work (a library) because I judged it by its cover and  it was big and looked nice. So the big thing you need to know is that Sophie Crumb is R.Crumb’s daughter. He’s a famous comic artist. Dudes really like him. If you read the reviews of this book on, you’ll see that people (seemingly mostly R.Crumb fans) are generally kind of upset about this book, saying that it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the parental fame.

True, it would be otherwise next to impossible for a female comic artist to get a hardcover retrospective of her work published through WW Norton & Co. There’s a lot more space in the mainstream comics industry for men. duh. But in my mind, the book gets an “A.” It’s a pretty awesome concept. Sophie is a constant drawer, and her parents have archived her lifetime of drawings so far. This book contains the highlights. Read in succession it’s almost kind of biograhy-like, and has qualities ranging from totally weird to sobering. You don’t even need to care about the Crumb family to appreciate this book; it stands nicely on its own. She’s really talented. The style and skill that she already had even by age 12 was totally nuts and well-put-together.

Find a copy at your nearest library here



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