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Book Review: Rad Dad: Disapatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood

Rad dad : dispatches from the frontiers of fatherhood

I wrote about one of the Rad Dad  zines a bit back. If you recall, I totally liked it, despite the fact that I don’t plan to spawn any offspring.

I randomly can across this anthology at the library, and of course snatched it up.

It’s pretty great in lots of the same ways that the zine was. Dads of various genres write about experience with and the politics of, well, raising other people.

The stuff that lots of them are saying is simple, but also profound:

1. trust young people

2. you can’t control everything

3. make sure you’re happy

(and more)

Good advice for everyone, I’d say.

Usually even the best anthologies have a couple of duds. I really don’t think this one did!

Find one at the library here, or buy one here



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