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Book Review: Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret

Are you there God? : It's me, Margaret

When I was a kid I read (and loved) every single Judy Blume book at my library except for this one. I didn’t read this 1970 classic because I thought it was going to be about god.

As an adult I decided to take the plunge– and now I wish that I’d taken the “risk” when I was a kid.

There are probably entire dissertations on this book so I won’t delve deep– but I will say that Blume does such a great job of remembering what it’s like to be twelve. Even though I turned twelve 25 years after the book was released, there’s a certain universality to how she touches on stuff like puberty and awkward family tensions and friend relationships and stuff.

This sounds really cheesy, but it’s kind of amazing– especially when you think about how much people have loved the idea of censoring and banning Blume’s books (she’s one of the most frequently challenged authors of the 21st century). She’s huge on anti-censorship, which is also pretty amazing.

Gotta go! My laundry’s up at the laundromat!



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