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Book review: Monoceros by Suzette Mayr

Monoceros : a novel

A gay seventeen year-old boy (bullied, heartbroken and silenced) hangs himself.

His death catalyzed some shifts in the lives of people who he barely interacted with (a teacher, a classmate, the principal and the guidance counselor (who are secretly a couple)) at the Catholic school that he attended. Monoceros is their story.

Monoceros doesn’t dwell on the sadness or the could-haves or any of the stuff that you would expect a novel about the aftermath of the  tragic suicide of a gay teen to. Instead, it’s an intimate look into a diverse group of people’s interconnected lives and ultimate development.

The writing is addictive and poetic, but not in a stifling way. It reads juicy like chick lit, but it’s not ostentatious or shallow. Read it! I kind of loved this book.


I found out about this book in some recommendations on Please comment if there are any other awesome Canadian authors that aren’t really promoted in the US that you recommend!

Find a copy here



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