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Book Review: Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina

Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass

This nice little book is a touch deeper and more realistic than other teen bullying novels that I’ve read.

Having just switched neighborhoods, Piddy Sanchez is in a new school. Early in the school year some girl comes up to her and says “Yaqui Delgado Wants To Kick Your Ass.” And walks away. She’s never even met Yaqui Delgado.

An initially seemingly misguided threat turns into an all-out teenage nightmare as Yaqui Delgado, who’s a student at her school, proceeds to make Piddy’s life miserable. Piddy goes from being an A-student to getting zeroes. Meanwhile, she’s also dealing with the issues of drifting away from her old best friend, clashing with her mom, identity, having a first kiss, trying to find out who her dad was, and dealing with negligence and institutional racism at her school.

The 260 pages of this book read really quickly, and the author doesn’t waste any space.

Find a copy at the Library!


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