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The Book Bindery by Sarah Royal

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Coming in at almost 100 pages, The Book Bindery is the story of what happens when Sarah takes the “go for whatever job takes you” route of employment upon moving to a new place. In a lot of ways, she captures how truly mundane any job can be; though I have never worked in a book bindery, I have absolutely felt similar feelings of apathy, surprise, obsession, etc. In this mega-zine, you’ll not only learn about the various weirdnesses of the author’s particular employer– you’ll also learn bits about how books get bound. Check it out!

Find a copy here

Wish You Were Me by Myriam Gurba

Wish You Were Me came sometime after Gurba’s previous pretty awesome book of shorter stories, Dahlia Season. It’s a weird little combination of story-lets (The whole thing is 45 pages long), ideas, and poem-like pieces. She’s a super- smart writer– and in this book– ridiculously “OMG did those words really just say what I thought they said.” It’s a dirty little collection about relationships and sex and life and stuff. But it’s maybe not that simple. I can’t really describe it– check it out! Buy a copy here!


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