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Books! A brief summary…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been doing a lot of resting lately, due to my obnoxious bicycle injury (ow, my arm).

The only upside is that I’ve been doing a ton of reading. Here’s a synopsis (that doesn’t include the secret “best-seller” trilogy  that I’m 2/3 of the way through and planning to do a full review of, when I can finally get the final book from the library):

Zita the spacegirl

Cute graphic novel about an adventurous girl, who one day while playing in a field with her friend presses a mysterious red button and gets the two of them transported into a weird post-apocalyptic alternative space dimension. Upon their arrival her friend gets kidnapped and she must bravely save him (making robot friends along the way). Cute and innocuous wizard of oz-type story for an elementary/middle school crowd. find a copy here


Nice little middle-school graphic novel that weaves together rock’n’roll, cancer, science, and friendships. Check out a copy here.

The Disenchantments

BFF’s Colby and Bev just graduated high school and it’s time to fulfill their teen dream of first touring the Northwest with Bev’s band– and then traveling around Europe for a year before college. But surprise! There’s a major change of plans! The Disenchantments is the story of the band’s tour following the “change.” I read this book in a single sitting and I really liked the author’s aesthetic. The colors and styles and places all feel kind of sunbleached and real, and there are lots of poignant moments and pockets of adventure. Find a copy of this rad little coming of age story here.

Cameron and the girls

Teenage Cameron has schizophreniform disorder and decides to go off his meds. There’s a new girl at school and a new girl’s voice in his head (his “girlfriend”), in addition to other voices that he, alone, hears. Things get a little nuts (he makes some dangerous choices and runs away from home), there’s a big “blow-up” of events, and he ultimately ends up on meds again. This was the first YA novel that I’ve read about schizophrenia. It was a fine read (and it does a nice job of explaining the disorder, which I’d never heard of), but there was something about it that rubbed me in a weird way. Maybe the narrator was just a little too one-dimensional? Or perhaps schizophreniform disorder was used as too much of a plot device– I suppose the author is a clinical psychologist, so maybe that’s why? Still, reading it won’t waste your time. Find a copy here.


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