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Book Review: Invisibility by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan


I’m new to Andrea Cremer, but I’ll pretty much usually like anything by David Levithan. For a YA writer, he just writes with such a great amount of spark and lyricism! So of course the minute I learned about this book in Library Journal or something, I put it on hold at the library.

The story has an angle that I haven’t read before (invisibility, whoa!); that aspect was totally refreshing! It had some supernatural elements (new territory for Levithan), and took place around NYC, which I liked. I also like the back-and-forth narration that is typical in Levithan’s collaborations (it’s impossible to get bored!).

I could have gone for some more character development (I wanted to be able to love Elizabeth and Stephen more) and more details about Stephen’s invisibility. E.g.

1. Is his pee also invisible? What about his puke? blood?

2. At some point he changes clothes. Do his clothes become invisible when they go onto his body?


3. Does Elizabeth’s mom secretly  know about her secret power?

4. Is this maybe part 1 of a sequel? It would be logical.

But you’ll read it in like 2 minutes, and you should totally check it out.


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