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Book Review: Starting From Here by Lisa Jenn Bigelow

Starting from here

Starting From Here is a nice, earnest YA book about a teenage lesbian named Colby who just got dumped by her first girlfriend for a boy. Though I’m an adult and enjoyed it, I feel like it really is for teenagers– reading it brought to mind the sweet teenage lesbian classics Annie On My Mind and Rubyfruit Jungle.

The structure of the story is comfortable (read: a little bit formulaic), but the surrounding details are quite good: there are unusual elements like a GSA, a trucker dad, a stray (three-legged) dog and a problematic aunt. I would have been thrilled to read this coming of age book as a teenager ( I was starved for coming out narratives, info about supportive adults, and comradery in how it feels to get dumped, etc). I feel like it fills a previously un-filled niche in queer YA lit. Also, the author’s a youth services librarian (yeah!).

Find a copy at your nearest library here


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