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Book Review: Psychiatric Tales by Darryl Cunningham

Psychiatric tales : eleven graphic stories about mental illness

This is a series of short graphic vignettes about Cunningham’s time working in a Psychiatric hospital. They were written both to explain the work that Cunningham did there– and to destigmatize various kinds of mental illness. A variety of people’s mental situations are described, including Cunningham’s own at the end. Most of them are pretty damn stark. It’s an important collection, gripping at times, and I read through it in about half an hour.

The book was made to destigmatize mental illness, but I still felt like there was some objectification going on. Like maybe the most “extreme” cases were focused on?  I am wondering if my “objectification alarm” was simply going off because any discussion of mental illness whatsoever in our culture is so rare? I’m note sure yet.

But I like Cunningham’s drawing style and this graphic novel is unique in subject matter so maybe you should check it out.

Here’s where you can find a copy at your nearest library

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