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Book Review: Pigeons : the fascinating saga of the world’s most revered and reviled bird by Andrew D Blechman

Pigeons : the fascinating saga of the world's most revered and reviled bird

The pigeon is, without a doubt, my favorite animal.

They’re such serious urban survivors! They’re happy to live off of trash– and are stubborn enough to forge ahead with their little pigeon lives even when they, for example, have a broken wing or are missing a foot.

Pigeons will enlighten you to many angles of the pigeon in our world today. The relatively brief (<250 pages) text covers pigeon fanciers, pigeon breeders, pigeon “pest control,” pigeon war history, pigeon shooters, pigeon eating, and more. The nonfiction writing style is approachable and flowing — the author is a journalist, after all. The author’s respect for my favorite animal was maintained through most of the narrative (except for when he shot one at an illicit pigeon shoot and later ate some bites of squab at the squab factory farm).

I have some concern about the absence of citations in the book– an awful lot of facts are given without sources. They’re really juicy quotable facts, too; and now if I choose to quote them I’ll have to double check them with my own research first. It seems that footnotes or endnotes could have saved me this effort (surely the author collected this information in the course of his research?)

Find a copy at the library!


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