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Book: The Voyeurs by Gabrielle Bell

The voyeurs

The Voyeurs is an illustrated partial-memoir of a few years of Gabrielle Bell’s life. Read it! I really liked it.

I found it to be rather enjoyable for the following reasons:

1. The art (and also, from a reader’s standpoint,  it wasn’t super-easy to mix up different characters). 2. the personal-ness. 3. You really get your read’s worth: lots of stuff happens. 4. Made me want to pick up more of her books. 5. The complex of social and anti-social and self-deprecation meets art meets creativity. 6. The fact that my bff (i wish) Valerie Solanas  gets a hearty chunk of story (in a way that may or may not have shadowed patterns from Solanas’ life)

This wasn’t really a book review, so I didn’t title it as so. But check out the book!



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