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Book Review: Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

Someday, someday, maybe : a novel

This is a nice novel about a struggling actress in NYC working toward “making it” as a professional actress.  She has goals, insecurities, romantic issues, acting class, job issues, etc.
It’s a pleasant summer read (perhaps not as “funny” as the advance praise on the back cover suggests) that covers a lot of ground without going too deep. I didn’t fall in love with the narrator, but I did like her and want her to succeed. There’s not a serious “Rising action- Climax- Falling action- Resolution” kind of structure to the story that we modern readers tend to love so much, but  it works out just fine. The ending is open-ended– either just like real life (or it’s poised for a sequel).

Surprise! It wasn’t until starting to read this (library) book that I read the inside of the jacket and learned that the author is a famous actress! I’ve never seen her shows, and maybe she talks about this in the interviews that I’m probably never going to read, but I wonder if this novel was semi-autobiographical… Kind of like Lauren Conrad’s actually pretty decent LA Candy (I never actually saw her tv show either).


Find a library copy of the book here!


One response

  1. angiedet

    I love Lauren Graham and I was curious as to what someone who isn’t familiar with her or her work would think of her debut novel. I haven’t read it yet myself but I’m looking forward to it. Good review!

    July 10, 2013 at 9:51 am

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