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Book Review: Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi

Ghana must go

I read this book for a book club and it’s apparently pretty famous, getting a New York Times write-up and a zillion Amazon reviews and all. I’d prefer to focus my biggest efforts on the lesser-known titles (or at least the ones that I was really obsessed with), as a well-rounded array of existing reviews can easily be found with a quick google.

In general, I liked it, and pretty much thought about it whenever I wasn’t reading it. The narrative is constructed in a really interesting way (to get all trite, it’s like “peeling an onion, you get more details about a single moment over a series of different chapters). Selasi can write beautiful and sentimental sentences. It was pretty clear when certain instances were mere literary devices. The end of the book felt wrong and rushed. So much more could have been done with fleshing things out– I wonder if the editor/publisher is to blame?

You’ll learn stuff and it won’t waste your time. Find a copy at the library.



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