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Book Review: Nevada by Imogen Binnie

Nevada cover

Despite a plot that didn’t really go far enough for me, I found Nevada by Imogen Binnie to be quite enjoyable. The writing is super modern and quirky and on-point. Upon finishing the first chapter, I wanted to return my library copy that I’d waited 3 months for, and purchase a keeper copy.

I found the protagonist, Maria, to be relatable in her interests, self-deprecation, and general world-view. Obviously somewhat based in reality, her life was not unlike the lives of myself and my friends (aside from the, uh, heroin). Maria lives in NY and is trans, and the book tells the story of her dramatic breakup with her girlfriend Steph, and part of the road trip that follows. The reason I began this review with that disappointing first sentence is that the book feels cut off. It stops at an awkward point and there is no resolution. Poor Maria! I would have wanted to see what was next for her.

Despite that, I still am going to keep my eye out for Binnie, because she’s quite good with words.

Get a library copy here or a new copy here.


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