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Book Review: The Ten Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer

The ten-year nap

I picked this book up for $1 at a Friends of the Library book sale because I was in need of something mainstream-ish and satisfying. It worked! The Ten Year Nap is quite engaging– it looks at a snapshot in time for a group of women (in their late 30’s) who live in New York. The theme of it is that most of them had big dreams, went to college, had some success in the world– and then had kids. The book examines their complicated feelings about their circumstances while maintaining a bit of a narrative to keep it interesting.

It’s not perfect– for example, the women are all supposed to be friends, but I didn’t feel their chemistry. And parts of it were a bit weird about Asian racial stereotypes. And the ending was too clean. But, it was relatively complex, served its purpose of general amusement, and fit nicely into my current mental state of wondering if I’m making good choices in my life as I get a little older.

Find a copy at your library!


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