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Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Crazy rich Asians

Again, I totally chose this book by its cover.

You can’t really tell from the picture here, but it’s a shiny glittery gold that really jumps out at you from the library shelf. And then there’s the hot pink font, which is obvious from the computer screen. They’ve been telling us all our lives to avoid judging books by their covers. But I can’t really think of a time that bee-lining to an attractive book cover has lead to reading that has inflicted any lasting damage on my life.

You will enjoy this book. It’s gossipy, fun, funny, fast-paced, and totally educational (for readers who are not in the know of Chinese idioms and Asian pop culture). The character development kind of lacks and the story isn’t 100% believable– but look at the cover. This book is obviously not trying to be the next fine work of classical literature- it’s here to be glitzy, fun, and entertaining.

The premise is that Rachel and Nick are Asian American NY college professors in their early thirties, in love and happy. With Rachel knowing nothing about his family back in Singapore, Nick invites her to go back with him for the summer and she says yes.

They arrive, and SURPRISE! His family is super rich. Like, tycoon rich. And they’re jealous and skeptical of Rachel, who they see as an underclass gold digger. The plot feels a little familiar, but all the details in the story actually keep it really fresh and entertaining. You’ll find yourself making excuses to read, even when there are other fun things available to do.



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