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Book Review: Red Audrey and the Roping by Jill Malone

At the right time, I think that I could have gotten obsessed with this book.

Red Audrey and the ropingBecause holyshit the writing. The author does such a great job that you can pretty much smell the air, taste the food, feel the sand between your toes. You want to be there, you can pretty much feel yourself there, passionately– even if you’ve never cared about Hawaii before. But this isn’t a book about Hawaii. As a reader, you can also pretty much palpably  feel the grief, the anguish, the dissatisfaction, and the infatuation of our protagonist.

We begin in Jane’s hospital bed, some kind of terrible accident has happened. She’s awake from her coma, but the hospital staff has been unable to reach anyone who knows her. She has secrets, and pieces of her memory are still filtering back. Between typically terse interactions with the various hospital staff, we are retold the story of selections of Jane’s life (particularly those that are relationship-related) that lead her to her current circumstance. The pieces are intense.

Read this book because it is brilliantly and beautifully written. You’ll enjoy the trip if you’re into that kind of thing. I thought it was gorgeous– but I couldn’t really handle the abruptness of the ending (I wanted more from the two big parts of the title– personal meaning wasn’t enough for me).  The supporting characters were all pretty likable and multidimensional, but I didn’t feel terribly committed to the protagonist.

Buy a copy from the publisher here, or get one from the library.


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