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Book Review: Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott

Stealing Heaven

Great YA book; I think that even the anti-YA people would be into it. You’ll read it in about 2 seconds and then you’ll want more.

So 18 year old Dani’s spent her entire life as a traveling burglar with her mom. They move from town to town, and clad with fake identities, blend in with the locals and stealthily steal silver and other valuables– and then leave for the next town. But recently they’ve arrived in a town where Dani makes friends– and there’s a guy. Who’s a cop… And she starts to second-guess her line of work…

The dialogue is really smart and I’m surprised that the book hasn’t been turned into a movie yet. I thought the end was a little rushed and maybe some of the chapters (re: Dani and Greg) were a little clunky– but the amusement factor outweighed any of that.

Find a copy here


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