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Book Review: JANE by April Lindner


I didn’t actually read Jane Eyre until sometime near the end of college, and would you believe that they’re trying to get 12 year olds to read it these days? I would have been bored to tears.

But in college it was one of the books that turned out totally awesome in some women’s lit class (and was followed up by Wide Sargasso Sea), and so clearly I had to read Jane (a modern YA retelling of the classic) as soon as I found it. In this version 19 year-old  college student Jane Moore’s parents have died a sudden and tragic death, her siblings take their inheritances and run (and leave Jane with nothing), and so Jane drops out of college (her parents had been footing the bill) to take a job with a nanny agency.

Our Jane is sensible and unphased by fame so she gets placed taking care of the daughter of Nico Rathburn, a formerly raging “bad boy” rock star who is on the verge of making a comeback. Oh, there are so many parallels! Bertha! Sensibility! running away!

I really enjoyed this book. It was modern, had lots of dimensions, and did an awful lot with plot in its 400 pages.

get it here!


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