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Book Review: My Mixed Up Berry Blue Summer

My mixed-up berry blue summer

This sweet little 119-page children’s book takes place in Vermont¬†(right as same sex marriage is getting legalized)¬† and is about June (age 12) who lives across the lake from her BFF Luke with her mom and her mom’s partner, in a small town where everyone knows each other, and conflicting feelings about the new same-sex marriage law are on the rise. Homophobic signs start going up on the telephone poles, and a couple kids start bullying June.

The conflict is nested in the broader story that the town pie contest is coming up and June’s mom runs a tourist/lunch shop, where June is the star pie-maker. She also might be having what are the beginning of feelings for her BFF Luke…

I recommend it– the author does a nice job of telling the story from a 12 year -old’s viewpoint, and includes aspects of June’s ambivalence about her mother’s gayness and outness, her uncertainty about whether other people in town are allies, and manages to wrap it up with a tidy ending. Plus, the setting is pretty cool if you’re not used to small east coast lake towns….

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