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Book Review: Data, A Love Story by Amy Webb

This experiment was done on the internet of 2005, and the book was published in 2014.

A lot has happened in 8 years.

This is a book about how after lots of dating fails, an ordinary woman researched how online dating sites work(ed in 2005) and created a coded profile that she used to meet the perfect guy.

I didn’t find the protagonist likable (too elitist, capitalist, and old-fashioned for my taste), I thought that the methodology was often incomplete and unnecessarily confusing, and I wasn’t quite sure that it was her methods, (and not just luck) that caught her the perfect man.

If you want, you can go and read all the one-star reviews on Amazon to see more more critiques that I generally agree with. I think, however, that this book would have fared better as a serialized blog. The author does crazy things (like staying up til 4 AM making charts and drinking wine) that would be amusing to read about in short spurts. As a book, however, it doesn’t seem substantial.


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