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Book Review: Beyond the Pale Motel by Francesca Lia Block

I will always be a supporter of FLB. From my first library copy of Weetzie Bat when I was a kid maybe 20 years ago, I’ve been a loyal reader, buying almost everything of hers that comes out. She’s a master of place, she always constructs a character that I could/(want to) slip myself into. Her writing is simple-yet-intoxicating; the everyday seems magic, even in her books that don’t involve some kind of magical realism in the plot.

I enjoyed a lot of this book; the place was totally awesome, the attention to a gruesome American obsession was solid. I liked the characters, well enough (though I wanted a little more development). I totally hated the ending though– I wish something different had happened. I don’t know if this is petty of me (you know, not liking unpleasant endings). I also felt like everything wrapped up a little too quickly and conveniently. But maybe that’s the kind of book this was. And despite my crabbiness about the end, I still liked the rest of the journey– it took me somewhere that I don’ usually go with my reading choices (though I guess one could say that about the ending as well).

get a copy here!


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