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Book Review: Year of No Sugar: A Memoir by Eve Schaub

Year of no sugar : a memoir

I waited for-ev-er to get this book from the library. There were hundreds of holds, and for some reason our collections people only bought a handful of copies. I read through it in what felt like a matter of minutes, so the people behind me in the library holds line won’t have to wait as long as they thought…

I really, really love sugar. Give me sweet over savory or salty any day. I occasionally wonder if this is a bad thing, but then I reach for my daily dessert and all is forgotten… But really, as a person who’s now been vegan for half my life (and a picky eater my entire life), I’m all for reading about other people’s weird and nit-picky adventures with food.

The writing in this book is really quite good– Schaub is excellent with humor and sentence architecture. There were more than a few instances where I had to re-read sentences because I was so impressed with what she did with language. This surprised me. The story is decent– I’d hoped for a little more juicy personal information since the book has “Memoir” in the title, but I’ll live.

Was it worth the wait?  The book is an account of something that actually happened, so it’s not like Schaub can go back in time and change history to make a more compelling story with sharper ups and downs or a rock-solid conclusion. As a reader, you get some research, some anecdotes, some justifications, and some moments of realization. I never read the blog, but I felt like the book form was a little anti-climactic. But I guess life can be that way. Sigh.

I’ve read a number of memoirs of authors’ year-long special projects. What I can say, is that this one didn’t seem to get more tired as the months progressed. And that’s a plus, I guess. And it gets a gold star for not being a creepy weight-loss diet book.

get a copy here


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