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Book Review: Finding Ruby Starling

Finding Ruby Starling

I got sick of staring at this one untouched on the children’s New Books shelf so I brought it home. I figure that reading it will give me a better ability to try to pawn it off on kids who come into the library…

Long lost twins! One in America and one in England! They find each other on a social networking site. In a series of emails to both each other and their friends, we learn about the details of each girl’s life– as well as the secret history that separated them and the plan that brings them together again. Yes, yes– if you’re a grownup this feels a little familiar. BUT the writing is actually really fresh and clever and interesting, the story has some surprising quirks, and both girls have traits that are interesting enough. Basically, the book is dying to be turned into a Tween feature film– or at the very least, a popular after school special.

Get one here.


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