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The Fun-A-Day January 2012 wrap-up!

The month is over, and I feel rather relieved that I will no longer have a daily frantic moment of searching for a dollar (or for a store that sells lotto) so that I can purchase a ticket and write up a blog entry before the day has ended.

So How much did I win? And how much did I lose?

here’s the rundown:

I spent $32 (day 5 was a $2 ticket).

I won 4 free tickets and a total of $11.

9 of the days yielded some kind of a prize.

The tickets that I most frequently purchased were:

Crazy Hearts (10 days)

Easy Grand (5 days)

Silver 7’s (3 days)

Triple Cash (3 days)

And That is the end of January 2012’s capitalism-cloaked Fun-A-Day experiment! Of course, in the coming days I will still need to cash in my winning tickets, trade in my “free ticket” tickets, and catch up on entering my losing tickets in on CA Lottery Replay!


Fun a Day, Day 31

My Final scratcher ticket purchase for January 2012 came from the California Tobacco Center. It was hastily purchased with laundry quarters. Haste causes waste, and  I did not win.

Fun a day, day 30!!

I got this loser at the Civic Center Market. The month is almost over!


Fun A Day, Day 29

Thanks,  Hope’s Sports Cards & Stationery Shop, for selling me a ticket that won a free ticket!

Today’s ticket was a “Double Wild 8’s.” I had not seen this one before (and I’ve been scrutinizing racks of $1 scatcher tickets every day for almost a month now!).

The shop is on the hill between upper Polk and Chinatown, and I had always been intrigued and wanted a reason to go inside. Seeing that I don’t really do sports and I tend to make my own stationery, I finally had the perfect reason. Thanks Hope’s!

Fun a Day, Day 28

Today I bought my scratcher ticket at Cable Car Liquor on Clement street in the Richmond. The guy who sold it to me was really, really intense.

Figures that I lost. At least the cow is happy!


Fun a Day, January 27th 2012

Tonight while out for my evening walk, I felt drawn into SF City Market #2. Sitting amongst the other over-played scratcher tickets (crazy hearts, dragons fortune, silver 7s, easy grand— but especially crazy hearts in my case) was this little gem, left over and feeling abandoned after the holidays. I bought one. I was kindly wished good luck by the store guy, and won a free ticket. Yay!

I’ll calculate my total wins and winnings before the month ends– but one thing on my mind is that I am totally sick of the lottery! I’ve been fortunate enough to win a few free tickets, but I’m going to have to come up with a way to enjoyably use them after the month is over (I’m waiting until the end of the month to redeem any winnings). One of my year’s goals is to try to turn this blog into something that happens regularly, and to post more creative stuff, etc. Maybe I could have a feature called “Scratcher Saturdays?”

Fun a day, January 26th!

It’s day 26 and I am getting lazy!!! Today I went to some liquor store around 16th and Guerro and got this loser!! Sigh.

Refer to my January 10th post for details on what this “Fun A Day” business is all about!!


Fun a day – day 25!

I was lazy and again dropped by the Mcallister Market to grab a ticket on my break. They had crazy hearts tickets in abundance, so I of course felt compelled to go with the comfortable choice. I lost.

Coming soon: a post where I actually get adventurous!!


Fun a day, Day 23!

I again stopped by the Unimart during a a break from work. Along with my purchase of some magically vegan Golden Oreos and a tasty pack of Filipino crackers (an absurdly irresponsible lunch!), I bought an Easy Grand scratcher ticket. I did not win a grand today. Or anything, for that matter. I later soothed my sad soul with a pretty reasonable trip to Out of the Closet (2 shirts for under $3! One will even work as a work shirt!).


January 22 2012 – Fun a Day

I stopped into Fox Liquor and Groceries on my way home from the Farmers Market this morning. I decided to kill my Crazy Hearts losing streak, and purchased a “Silver 7’s” scratcher. It paid off, and I won $2. While there were no sevens about this winning, I think I’ll survive.