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Gamble-A-Day, Day 18!!!

With fewer than 2 weeks left of this project, I stopped into the California Tobacco Center to pick up this evening’s ticket.

I was a mere heart away from winning $100!


Fun-A-Day January 2, 2012

I have been able to see the California Tobacco Center from my apartment for over 4 years now, but not being a smoker, I never went inside until today.

The guy working there was super nice and wished me luck like he meant it.

Tragically, his kind wishes were ineffective. I suppose I have 29 more days of trying!

You will notice that the top of this ticket (and its predecessor from yesterday) say “Enter 2nd chance draw ONLY at” It turns out that to “enter,” to win a (poorly defined, likely monetary and hard-to-win) prize, one must surrender a bunch of personal information to the website. Normally I would recognize this as a data mining/collecting gimmick.  For the sake of this Fun-A-Day project, I’ve signed up, and will be submitting all of my applicable scratcher tickets for a “2nd Chance Draw.” I will keep you posted.