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The End of the Month!

Finally! Here are the last two days of January’s Fun-A-Day project

January 30: home made hoodie! Fabric from the discount fabric warehouse in SoMA











Jan 31: Hotpants for a friend who teaches yoga


the penultimate Fun-A-Day Post

In observance of Fun-A-Day, here are my most recent projects:

January 23: another attempt at the same hat, this time in black










January 24: A (hopefully) final fix to the ages-old keyhole disaster











January 25: Stage one of hoodie-from-scratch












January 26: Stage two of hoodie-from-scratch (the body was from polyester fabric, and the hood from an old cotton t-shirt)












January 27: Paisley  polyester thrift store gemРtailored at the torso and the sleeves










January 28: The rise of the cords has been slightly lowered, and the thighs have been slimmed











January 29: Sweater hole– fixed!

Fun-A-Day: The End Of Underwear Week!

January 20: 50 cent t-shirt is given a new life









January 21: Beloved t-shirt becomes Panther underpants











January 22: incredibly cheap jersey fabric from Fabrix in the Richmond


Fun-A-Day: January 14-17

I’ve been busy, busy, busy! It figures that a theme would emerge sooner or later… following the awkwardness of the 14th, I present to you: Underwear Week!

January 14th– Awkwardly senior-esque windbreaker– to slightly less awkward senior-esque windbreaker









January 15th: destroyed old band shirt to awesome new unders











January 16: nautical











January 17th: Stripes

Fun-a-Day, days 5-8

Day 5: oh no! my favorite jeans were getting a hole in the knee! A little darning solved the problem.









Day 6: I desperately needed an inside pocket in this jacket


Day 7: Shoe repair









Day 8: loose thrift store long sleeve made short-sleeved and more snug

Fun-A-Day: Days One Through Four


Days ONE through FOUR of my 2011 Fun A Day project, which is to make

one clothing alteration/fabrication per day.

Day One: neck tie found in the street becomes a little more festive with (also found) blue satin


Day Two: $2 stained salvation army sweater dyed, and fitted

Day 3: Free t-shirt + bargain elastic = cheap underpants



Day 4: Thrift store cords into tapered and more-desirable thrift store cords

Coming Soon. . .

January first means that this is day one of Fun-A-Day.
I have been doing a lot of sewing and alterations since classes let out in the middle of last month– for this year’s annual project, I’ll be doing¬† one sewing/alteration a day. This will range from patching holes, sewing things from raw materials, to re-purposing old garments and fabrics. I will document it all with photos, many or all of which I will post on this blog. the final product for the show will be on paper.