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Book Review: I was a Teenage Dominatrix by Shawna Kenney

I was a teenage dominatrix

Ahhhhh, this book was kind of awesome!

I hadn’t read a solid sex work memoir in a while– I got this one of the Small Press shelf at Powell’s in Portland. It follows Kenney from kid-hood to broke college student life, to a friend’s relative’s spare room “dungeon” to a fancier dominatrix house to independent work, and later to her exit into a new life.

The writing is upbeat and pretty great. As a reader, you get maybe 20% personal life, and 80% of what she was actually doing as a dominatrix. Yes! You won’t want to put the book down because it reads like good gossip– but it’s quality stuff so you also won’t feel like a drip for spending the whole morning reading it on the couch.

buy a copy here, or try to find it at the library.



Book Review: Girlvery by Oriana Small aka Ashley Blue

Girlvert : a porno memoirGirlvert : a porno memoirGirlvert : a porno memoirGirlvert : a porno memoir

I like memoirs. This is a porno memoir by Oriana Small aka super famous porn star Ashley Blue.

I’d never heard of her before going to a sex work literary performance/panel at YBCA, where she read an excerpt of this book. This book is addictive, raunchy, well-paced, interesting, and pretty good to read, all together. She describes lots of her work pretty thoroughly, so I didn’t feel lost, having not seen her movies (though I googled her pics afterwards, and her eyebrows are freaking perfect).

My one critique is that things seem to wrap up a little too quickly at the end (but maybe that’s just how life is sometimes?)

Find a library copy here!

Book Review: 7 Miles a Second

7 miles a second

The title of this post lied. This isn’t really a book review.

I just wanted to let you know, if you’re a fan of David Wojnarowicz, this book exists.

If you’ve ever at all previously been sucked in by his tornado-style language/essence, then you’ll like this comic collaboration with his writing in it.

I wasn’t as obsessed with it as I was, say, Close to the Knives (best opening paragraph of a book maybe ever), but it was good.

Find a copy here