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Book Review: Vintage Veronica by Erica S. Pearl

Vintage Veronica

Dude, where’s my sequel?

I grabbed a copy of this book off the shelf at work when I realized that I was facing a lunch break without something to read. It’s about a super creative and stylish 15.5 year old girl named Veronica who lied about her age to get a job as a consigner at CLOTHING BONANZA, which sells vintage and used clothing by the piece and the pound (she lives for vintage). Oh, and she’s fat and doesn’t really feel bad about it. Except for when she sometimes does, and it affects her family relationships, prospective friendships, and general worldly navigation.

So Veronica secures this cool job, and gets tangled into some major social messes mostly due to her age and insecurities, and then has to find a way out. Each chapter was prefaced with a drawing of one of the pieces of clothing described in it (Veronica draws clothing), and there’s something kind of unique to the writing style. You don’t get too deep into the lives of any one character (including the protagonist), but everyone is interesting and well-designed for their place in the story. LOTS of stuff happens in these brief 277 pages (that you’ll read in what feels like maybe 15 minutes), and some of it’s pretty intense.

LOTS of stuff happens, but it’s not really enough. At the end of the book Veronica is still growing and the story still feels like it’s developing. I want to know what happens next. Hence, “Dude, where’s my sequel?”

Get a copy at the library here!