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Fun-A-Day: The End Of Underwear Week!

January 20: 50 cent t-shirt is given a new life









January 21: Beloved t-shirt becomes Panther underpants











January 22: incredibly cheap jersey fabric from Fabrix in the Richmond


Fun-A-Day January 18th & 19th

Underwear week Continues. They are getting more, eh, “disco.”

January 18th: metallic rainbow spandex (I finally found a project worthy of this brilliant find from the Really Really Free market over a year ago)









January 19th: thriftstore W-Tee-F, into bizarre (yet totally comfortable) underpants

Fun-A-Day: January 14-17

I’ve been busy, busy, busy! It figures that a theme would emerge sooner or later… following the awkwardness of the 14th, I present to you: Underwear Week!

January 14th– Awkwardly senior-esque windbreaker– to slightly less awkward senior-esque windbreaker









January 15th: destroyed old band shirt to awesome new unders











January 16: nautical











January 17th: Stripes